The Band

With all members singing lead vocals and harmonies, the band covers a wide range of musical styles from acoustic to full-blown rock that makes them a popular choice wherever they play.

Ruben (Guitar/vocals ) is a seasoned guitar player with ample stage experience. He has worked with many different musicians, musical groups, and projects since 1981 in Canada and abroad. His approach to music is to strive to include the audience as part of the performance, creating a more enjoyable experience for his fellow musicians as well as the listeners.


Tony (Bass, keyboard/vocals) hails from Zimbabwe in southern Africa. He began his musical career at the age of 11, when he played drums in the family band. He then started playing keyboards in bands throughout his teenage years and into his early 20’s, but realized he was destined to play the bass. Upon arrival in Canada, he played in a duo with his brother in many venues.  He is particularly drawn to arrangements and harmonies and brings a wealth of experience to Kickback.


Russ (Drums/vocals) has played drums for most of his life and shows no signs of quitting. He delivers the goods with energy and enthusiasm. He knows that what makes music special is the groove and feel. Russ has played various genres of music all across southern Ontario from blues to new wave, from RnB to punk. With the addition of Russ to Kickback the band benefits from his dynamics and solid tempo.


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